Florence Foster Jenkins

“Florence Foster Jenkins” by Stephen Frears is a great movie that I would recommend. For a long time I had not laughed so much, even if it’s not a funny movie, but a story full of emotions, love, tenderness, sensitivity, built on a lie to forget the tragic aspect the life of this woman. There’s a lot of emotion, sensitivity. The acting is remarkable: Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg and a great actor that I discovered in this film. It represents the astonished gaze of the viewer in the film that tries to understand how all this fantastic story can exist. We must see this movie after seeing “Marguerite” Catherine Froh because both films are complementary. The French film tackles the issue of lies and compromise deal with the psychological fragility. Stephen Frears film explores human mechanisms that have allowed this incredible story to exist. It has the merit of not overemphasize the Florence pan voice unlike “Marguerite” which became painful in the long run.