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extraordinaire music instruments

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Thanks to Google, I discovered the href=”érémine” Thérémémine an instrument to produce music in moving the hands near two antennas without touching the instrument. The artist virtuoso of this instrument was Clara Rockmore, a Russian artist born in 1911. The sound of this instrument is similar to that of the human voice that would filter between his lips. Listen to this interpretation of Summertime

and to finish with this instrument, the amazing Ave Maria, whose sound is a bit disappointing compared to the human voice

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This instrument opened the voice of the so-called electronic music. In 1928 Maurice Martenot invented the ondes Martenot. In front of the keyboard, a wire connected to a metal loop in which the player slides his finger-lets make théréminesques glissandos while having visual control of notes played. On the left of the instrument, the expression key to handle the volume and the sound of the instrument.
In this video Claude Samuel Levin explains how it works. Be sure to visit his website href=””

There is the glass harmonica, invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761. This instrument is based on the principle that sound more or less water is drawn from a glass filled by passing the finger over the edge.

Here is an overview of the instrument by Michel Deneuve, who defined it as a sensual instrument, because it is necessary to touch the glass rods to express the sound.

the construction details are here:

This machine is derived from marbles machines are ball machines.


Neoretro : Orange old new phone

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Sans titreOrange launches a participatory approach on Ulule crowdfunding platform to test the public’s interest for a phone which looks like the phones of the 1930s: neoretro wants to look like our grandparents’ bakelite phone. It’s only purpose is to phone but it includes today’s technology.

It operates with a standard phone line or an internet box.

The dialer dial is clearly digital. The main handset is wireless as well as the secondary handset which which comprises a loudspeaker.

Orange is testing the public interest for this product via Ulule platform for 30 days ( There are three levels of counterparties with a price of phone from 99€ to 109 € (excluding postage) and the opportunity to receive a numbered edition for the first 200 contributions. Neoretro will be produced only if it achieved its goal of 500 pre-orders.

If it is aesthetic and original, its main defect is not being able to dial the number from the wireless handset, but to have to do it from the base. The function of the round screen keyboard located at the center is not specified. We do not know if the phone has a phonebook.

Hush Smart Earplugs

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Hush are smart earplugs that would filter out unwanted noise up to 70 db. Via a connected smartphone application, they also allow streaming music. The autonomy is 8 hours.
You can pre-order it on the website at a price of $ 150 (delivery in December 2015).

But what about others technologies?

What about others earplugs? About “Quies”. The earplugs attenuate the sound of 27 db. But they do not eliminate them.

href=”” Wax /

Alvis offers molded earplugs moulded to your ears.


But it is a passive protection.

Bose is the leader in noise reduction headphones (not easy to wear when sleepint of course), but I can not find the attenuation in dB.