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Florence Foster Jenkins

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“Florence Foster Jenkins” by Stephen Frears is a great movie that I would recommend. For a long time I had not laughed so much, even if it’s not a funny movie, but a story full of emotions, love, tenderness, sensitivity, built on a lie to forget the tragic aspect the life of this woman. There’s a lot of emotion, sensitivity. The acting is remarkable: Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg and a great actor that I discovered in this film. It represents the astonished gaze of the viewer in the film that tries to understand how all this fantastic story can exist. We must see this movie after seeing “Marguerite” Catherine Froh because both films are complementary. The French film tackles the issue of lies and compromise deal with the psychological fragility. Stephen Frears film explores human mechanisms that have allowed this incredible story to exist. It has the merit of not overemphasize the Florence pan voice unlike “Marguerite” which became painful in the long run.

american sniper

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american sniperThe latest film by Clint Eastwook telescope comes the news, though concerns about the US intervention in Iraq after the
attacks of 11 September 2001, there are more than 10 years. Since the US withdrew, leaving their equipment to the Iraqi army will lose the benefit of Daesh with the consequences that we see today. Film news because it shows a modern war equipment, places and protagonists who american snipervraisemblablement not changed much in 10 years. Yet this film is not innovative, both by driving Full Metal Jacket reminiscent of Kubrick, although this sequence lasts less time than by the duel between the two snipers already illustrated by the film Stalingrad, which the incomprehension of the US population over an outdoor American intervention illustrated by the movie “born on July 4” where the former hero of the Vietnam became one of the fiercest opponents of the war. In American Sniper, the hero claims to protect his family and his country by going to fight in Iraq, but it faces the doubts of his family and eventually murdered by a veteran. The description of this America, the cowboy who thinks only get their hands on the buttocks of his wife, who drinks beer and whose only religious culture seems to be this Bible that never opens, seems somewhat caricature, even if this story is autobiographical. But it’s hard to believe that troop SEALs and Marines consist only of cowboys.Telescoping news, because where he was allowed to ask questions about the usefulness and even the legitimacy of the US intervention, today these questions no longer arise, and it takes a moment to realize that that we see on the screen is unfortunately not news: Americans are not present on the ground to fight against the Islamists.


Jeff Koons exhibition in Beaubourg

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I went to the exhibition Jeff Koons, and this exhibition has delighted my teens. Why? -Because It is an easily accessible art, figurative, beautiful too. The objects belong to the daily, they are polished, shiny, with bright colors, tart. We start the tour with the early works of Jeff Koons: plastic rabbits placed on mirrors and the series of Hoover vacuums placed on neon. Vacuum cleaners date back 50 years and yet they are obviously still new, as we age. By their status as a work of art, they escape aging to their status as everyday consumer object, as we get older. Then come the balance sneakers balls in aquariums which one describes the composition: sodium chloride solution. For these works, you begin to enter the scientific and industrial world of the universe of Jeff Koons. To achieve these basketballs suspended in aquariums he was assisted by Dr. Richard Feynman, winner of the Nobel Prize in physics. Simplicity is developed. As always in modern art, even here apparently easily accessible needs explanation. Then the exhibition was continued by rococo objects like the statue of Michael Jackson in golden earthenware and finally the famous balloons sculptures, which look disproportionately on balloons that are twisted to give them animal shapes. Except that these objects are in polished steel.

France Jeff Koons RetrospectiveOne would like to touch so the illusion is perfect and it’s hard to believe that it is steel.

There is this wonderful red heart, which keeps the ceiling by a thin golden cord and air fleet and slightly in space. Yet it weighs a ton.
DSC00084-400x266Technical prowess or artwork? Both at a time. Jeff Koons is today one of the most expensive artists in the world. It is also a small company that employs about 120 people. The realization of some works took more than three years.

Jeff Koons is also directed, in the most crude way, especially in a room where access is prohibited under 18, which contains pornographic photographs of him and his first wife Ciciolliona.

The exhibition runs until April 27, 2015: night until 23h on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for the exhibition Jeff Koons (last entry at 22h) at the Beaubourg center.